30 May 2007

Conservative Future Working Life Conference

On July 21/22 I'm going to be running a few group sessions at the Conservative Future Working Life Conference in my hometown of Birmingham on the theme of blogging. I plan to start with a brief overview of some recent academic research into the profiles, motivations and attitudes of leading right-wing bloggers in the UK. We'll go on to discuss practical blogging pitfalls and I expect participants to leave with the tools and confidence to blog.

Teaching is always a good way of learning and it's been quite good fun doing research on the internet for this. Without going over the top, I have been trying to distill the key practical skills for a political blogger. Imho, if you can improve your proficiency in any of these areas, it will probably make a noticeable difference to your blogging capabilities.

Writing - Croydonian has a style which is concise and yet engaging. I like Kerron's conversational style of writing, too. How easy you are to read is a crucial factor in how successful you blog can be.

Arguing - A course in critical thinking wouldn't go amiss - if only to make yourself aware of your opponent's likely spoiling tactics. Dizzy's good at arguing. Although, if you're too good, you won't get any comments (joke).

Subject Matter Expertise - If, like Iain Dale, you live and breathe your blog topic, that helps. Managing contacts and news sources ain't a bad idea (check out what Matt Wardman does)

Public Relations - How do you market yourself to achieve the audience that you're looking for? I think I'll tap Ellee for some smart ideas.

Psychology - You learn a lot about people when you blog. I doubt I'll ever be as skilled as a pro, but I'm not averse to picking up insights from Dr Michelle Tempest's blog.

The weekend itself looks excellent and there are many superb speakers planned. If you're not signed up yet, get your skates on. Link. Does anyone have any relevant thoughts or resources that they'd like to share?


Anonymous said...

I expect you will invite Ms Kite..
I mean you would - wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

... and oh - by the way once more I am snubbed - but I do not even bother responding these days. A genius is never recognised etc etc.. I expect I sall die old and poor and alone - like Van Gogh.

Praguetory said...

Mutley - it's definitely Miss Kite, but I'm not handling invitations. I'll try to have a word with the organisers, but I didn't even know you were a conservative?

Matt Dean said...

Thrilled you won the award- richly deserved for a great blog!

Peter Smallbone said...

Sadly I'm in Greece for most of this, but hope to put in an appearance Saturday night / Sunday morning.

Ed said...

if you're too good, you won't get any comments

That's my excuse!

Anonymous said...

I voted for you!

Anonymous said...

Do they think we are made of money? £115 for the weekend. Christ.

Anonymous said...

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