29 May 2007

Love-Bombing Lib Dems

A Poor Moderniser

As an ordinary Conservative party member, I've been trying to put my finger on what modernisation is so that I can fit in with this trendy new strategy. I've failed to accept certain ideas which I am told are modernising such as courting non-Conservatives to stand on our party ticket, anti-democratic MEP selection procedures and not being a low tax party, so I have redoubled my efforts to find ways to modernise. Finally, from the unexpected source of Melissa Kite I have found something I can do to bolster my modernising credentials.

Love-Bombing Lib Dems

Top Tory blogger Mr Newmania is going to hate me for this, but there are Lib Dems I like and I am generally happy to try to work with them when possible. Even flatter them - although I wouldn't use the term love-bomb. Admittedly, I struggle to find common ground with Lib Dems who are in favour of big government - but I tend to manage to ignore them. I'd like to draw attention to some of my favourite Lib Dem bloggers.

I appreciate Cllr Stephen Tall for his open-minded approach to politics. For example there are not many Liberal bloggers who would take the opportunity to discuss school vouchers whilst the Tory grammar school debate continues to rumble.

Andy Mayer is another independent thinker and presents his arguments well. I think his party should embrace some of his ideas such as the ones in this election post.

In the very authoritarian climate of our time, I find it easy to make common cause with freedom-loving Liberals like Jock Coats who has recently returned to blogging -although given his fervent liberalism, I wouldn't mind clarification of what he meant by "sexual deviants" on this post.

And if you've got the time, check this fascinating forum thread, where I've been happy to support Cllr Martin Mullaney and John Hemming MP for their work in exposing electoral fraud in Birmingham and Labour's inaction related to such matters.


Jock Coats said...

In my own defense, I think as a liberal I ought to be allowed to self define as a "sexual deviant" if I want to. It may be a bit harsh tarring the rest of the then Oxford East Gay Liberals with the same brush, but I'm sure most of them will take it in the humour with which it was intended.

Praguetory said...

Hi Jock, I didn't realise you were necessarily talking about yourself. Let's hope the others can take your comment in the spirit in which it was intended. I saw gay comedian Scott Capurro play a stand-up show last night - he certainly got away with generalising about the gay community in a way that no straight person would get away with.

Anonymous said...

I agree jock, they all got shat on...