16 May 2007

MTAS Scrapped - Congratulations To Those With Backbone

I've been following the MTAS debacle unfold since the early days. Just seen Patricia Hewitt interviewed on Channel Four news. She is responsible for this mess.

Not only has this episode led directly to incredible distress and discomfort to doctors and patients, but there have been many heroes and villains of the piece.

Well done Dr Crippen, Michelle Tempest, The Stirrer and David Cameron for holding the government to account. Who else deserves a mention?


Dr Michelle Tempest said...

I'd also like to thank RemedyUK who are doing th job of the BMA. Thanks for your mention. Michelle

Rachel Joyce said...

Agree with you Praguetory, but we need to keep a careful eye on this one. The desire to override the tried and tested way of recruiting medics with a politically correct agenda and dumbing down medical training has not gone away. This will re-emerge in another form.
The BMA seem to have no balls these days, and many are worried that doctors leaders are in it for the honours - Professor Sir Cow Tow sounds so much better than plain Dr Cow Tow.

Praguetory said...

Good point Rachel. The root cause of these problems remain.