18 May 2007

Reid Hit & Run

Some more fascinating insights from the corridors of power from the excellent Benedict Brogan. As his departure looms, is the Home Office any less of a mess than when John Reid took over a year ago?


Tony said...

Arguably yes, the Home Office is less of a mess than when the Dawn Primarolo fan club took over there.

This is because there is less of the Home Office.

The Ministry of Justice is more of a mess than when it was the DCA because some of the Home Office mess has been transferred there.

It is the Labour way.

Peter Smallbone said...

Links to the Daily Mail website? PT..!

Praguetory said...

Ben Brogan has been my favourite journalist blog for a long time. No apologies from me, Mr Smallbone.

james higham said...

I see countdowns to Blair leaving but where are the countdowns to Reid?

Anonymous said...

What has happened to Guido- do you know? has Gordie had him killed??