09 May 2007


Just a quick round up of how the Conservatives fared in the locations in which I helped out. More of a memo to self, but feel free to comment.


Wolverhampton's three Parliamentary seats are Labour and unlike some other towns in the Midlands the council remains strongly Labour. I detected an appetite for change and a chance to make a small difference so I happily accepted Jonathan Scott's kind invitation to assist in the area. The overall result in Wolverhampton was a real breakthrough as Labour only won 10 of the 20 seats. This result finally raises the prospect of removing Labour's overall control in the foreseeable future.

Across the city, the most impressive result was in Oxley. Happily, this is where we started leafletting and I was delighted to see the local Tory candidate Ian Bisbey win the seat with a 9.5% swing from Labour. His Labour opponent's final leaflet was desperate negative stuff, so it was nice to see those tactics fail.
The other ward that we covered was Park which is part of the marginal Wolverhampton South West constituency. Carl Husted (pictured with David Cameron and Paul Uppal) will be a little disappointed not to come closer, but this ward appeared to be the main focus of the Liberal Democrat campaign so the result itself was not entirely unexpected.

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