11 June 2007

Cameron At His Best

When Cameron took the party reins he devolved responsibility for preparing party proposals on a number of important issues to experienced colleagues many of whom had been under-valued for years. One such initiative is the Democracy Taskforce report which Ken Clarke has overseen and recently launched.

I particularly like the plans to elect Select Committee chairmen and the ability for 10 Downing Street petitions to force issues onto the Parliamentary agenda. A chat between Ken & Dave is up on WebCameron and if you want extended highlights you can go to youtube. If Ken's proposals go through, I might even be interested in becoming an MP - one day.


matthew scott said...

i like the idea about petitions. perhaps a better way would to be to do it by the number of signatures.

Just as an example, 50,000 signatures might trigger a debate led by the relevant Government department.

Praguetory said...

Hi Matthew, I think that is along the lines of what we can expect although I bet they set the bar for signatures at a higher level than that.

hotelsinprague said...

I think it will be a great event and everybody will remember it for a long time!!!