20 June 2007

Nadine Invites Me To Take Another Bite Out Of Brown

Over a week ago Matt Wardman tagged me with a Brown meme.

1st Generation

I completed the meme and tagged eight people from across the political blogosphere.

2nd Generation

Whereas the Labour bloggers I tagged entered the water quietly, Lib Dem activist James Graham caused a fair old splash as his tag was taken up with gusto by fellow Lib Dems. On the right, Arleen at the Regalis blog took up the challenge with a post dripping with disdain. I'd like to note that Arleen is the only person I know who makes Iain Dale appear disengaged from facebook.

3rd Generation

Anyway, from there, my old blogging buddy Benedict White focused on tax, spending and the welfare system.

4th Generation

Iain Dale put in a good word for his little chipmunk.

5th Generation

Nadine Dorries MP called for Hazel to be sacked.

6th Generation

And so the meme loops back to me. For the short-term prospects of the country, for once in his life I'd like to see Brown being straightforward and not being a control freak. In terms of helping the Tories get back in for a better future, he's doing just fine. I'm not tagging anybody, but I'd like to remind Paul Burgin and West Brom Blogger to take up my previous tag.


Arleen Ouzounian said...

I don't know whether that's a good thing or bad thing (Facebook)!

Praguetory said...

Of course it was meant as a compliment.