24 June 2007

What Now For The Conservative Party?

It was reported today that the Conservatives fell behind Labour in one deeply unrepresentative poll. As other Conservative should be, I am prepared for further ups and downs before the next General Election. The last few months have been shadow-boxing. Strategically, what would you do over the next few months if you were able to influence the Conservative Party? Here's my top 5.
  • Focus on Brown's illegitimacy at every turn. The electorate shouldn't be able to forget how he came to power. Eventually, he will lose his cool.
  • Campaign for an EU referendum*. At the least election all three parties made a manifesto commitment to grant the British people a referendum on constitutional changes in the EU. Played well, this story can run and run.
  • Go hard on English votes for English issues. Making a deal with Alex Salmond and the SNP for them to back this campaign would be an astute move.
  • Give a greater say to the party grassroots. Giving members a say in MEP selections would be a start.
  • Spend time attacking Labour rather than Conservative "past" . Fight as a team and on all policy fronts. In the last few days I've seen Andrew Lansley, David Davis and William Hague all over the media. Where were they over the last six months?

* An expert wonk should be working on preparing some killer wording for a relevant 10 Downing Street petition.


Ed said...

The referendum petition doesn't need clever wording, there should be a referendum on the treaty whatever it looks like!

Steve_Roberts said...

It seems to me that three current hot potatoes all have Labour on the wrong side of the inalienable right of self-determination, they are: Referendum on Scottish independance; English votes for English issues at Westminster; Referendum on the EU constitreaty. Dave really ought to support a scottish vote as a prerequisite to pillorying Labour's antiselfdetermination reflex

Rachel Joyce said...

I think
- English votes
- EU referendum
- attack on all fronts, particularly the debt-ridden economy, incompetence, mis-management and waste
are all winners.
GB is a behind the scenes man. Put him in the light and we will see him for what he is.
I have blogged on English votes and EU referendum this weekend myself.

Anonymous said...

A bit of viral youtube "Gordon eats his own snot" might be an idea.

Matthew said...

Surely Brown's legitimacy will only interest people if he appears to perform poorly. Once the honeymoon is over, I agree it could be useful but, depressing as it is, I think most people won't care.

Rightly or wrongly, many people I encounter feel so politically impotent that Brown's coronation is just another example of how far removed they are from the government of our country.

Geezer said...

The MSM is in Labour's pocket. Attacking them doesn't get anywhere because it doesn't get broadcast or printed. There is usually a BBC led counter attack, against the Conservatives, that does get broadcast!
Cameron wants to be seen to be positive and offering the electorate something to vote for, rather than something to vote against. It's bloody difficult either way, because of the lack of MSM support for him. The BBC. especially, will be doing their best to undermine him and promote Broon. I fear that, whatever course the Conservative's take, the influence of the MSM will hinder them greatly and decide the outcome of the next GE.

Anonymous said...

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