22 July 2007

Bookish Economics

The most commonly cited weakness of Zimbabwe is the democratic problems and I don't deny these deficiencies, but I believe that the left-wing ideology is just as much as a problem. Let's go through the roll call

- lack of legal protection for private property rights
- printing money to tackle inflation
- nationalisation
- price controls
- state control of the media

Meanwhile life expectancy has fallen by about 30 years over the last 10 years. Zimbabwe now has the lowest life expectancy in the world. This is yet another reason why I oppose big government and left-wing ideology wherever I see it. Speaking of which a good post from The Darker Side Of Bridget Jones.


Manfarang said...

Rhodesia was super?
There used to be some Rhodies living in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.They were involved in the tobacco industry.

istanbultory said...

It gets worse. Zimbabwe's government has just set up a state company to seize control of private local and foreign firms that Mugabe's administration says are engaging in "economic sabotage" in a bid to end his rule.

Ed said...

What's truly awful is the way that the British government have actively sat on their hands in solidarity with a left-wing leader. The EU is allowing Mugabe to come to the EU-Africa summit even though there is supposed to be a travel ban on him coming to Europe.