02 July 2007

Posting By A Stranger - Soon to be A Friend


Hello All!!

My friend Praguetory here in Prague is allowing me to

make some posts with a set purpose of getting some

internationalist discussions going on some themes

which I can choose as being my "close to the heart"


He has warned me that there are many "aristocrats of

blogging" who are readers here and so I begin my

residence making apologies in advance for my English -

which is not as the Queens and for any naivety I may

still have about politics.

For my part I a Czech student with a big interest for

Europe and a desire to travel. I will willing accept

any invitations to stay at your country house or

London abode - I am great reader of Wodehouse and

would abide all conventions (Joke)

Today I present to you my simple agendas:

The need for a deeper as well as wider European Union,for the benefit of the people.

Peace and Disarmament as a a means to politics not a

distant goal.

Ways equality in wealth can be reached in a just and

fair way for all.

Praguetory has said me that he is OK with these themes

and so I invite all your comments to topic one.

Update May 2010 - this blog was written by Robert Chambers aka Mutley the Dog to wind up the serious politicos who normally visited this blog.


Anonymous said...

Prague ask your friend not to talk about the EU as I among others want out especially now that they are trying take us into a Federal State of Europe ,otherwise hello Praguetory's friend and enjoy blogging and don't worry about your English ,Praguetory can't speak it properly, him being a Brumie but then neither can I.

Ed said...

The need for a deeper as well as wider European Union,for the benefit of the people.

I'm interested to know what benefits to the people a deeper Union will bring? The pro-Europeans here never give us a positive argument so perhaps you could?

Anonymous said...

You go for it Roman -I shall be your special friend....

Guthrum said...

Hi Roman Good Luck- ignore the anti- EU comments, the institution is bad and undemocratic, but it has kept Europe at peace for sixty years.

Tuscan Tony said...

HI Roman, is it you that's been giving Czech lessons this past month to the Prague BlogMeister, then?

Anonymous said...

Hi Roman. Have you got PT tied up and gagged by any chance?