23 May 2008

Time For A Break

To understand where we're at, this post-Crewe analysis is worth reading. Brown-bashing has in truth become a national sport - and he deserves it. Whether online, at the ballot box or even in Question Time audiences, the national mood is anti-Brown and anti-Labour. As a long-standing critic of the government, this is pretty gratifying stuff. Financially and morally bankrupt, the Labour Party has a choice between electoral oblivion and the blood-curdling task of finding someone willing and able to overthrow the most stubborn and self-righteous leader in recent Western history*. Re where they go next, Labour grassroots seem to be generating more heat than light over at Labour Home.

We are in different times, so it makes sense for me to have a little break before deciding what to do next. It seems likely that I will be in Birmingham for the near future, so if you have any ideas for political projects, please mail me at praguetory@googlemail.com. Have fun.

*Labourites may be interested to know that I have a 70 - 1 accumulator bet that comes in provided Brown leaves before the next general election. I also made a fair sum on the General Election that never was - I'm enriching myself on the back of Labour misfortune!

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Jonathan M. Scott said...

Former Labour voters who switched to the Conservatives on Channel 4 News gives a lie to Labour's claim that "its vote" didn't turn out.

A good part of "its vote" did; but just voted Conservative instead.