16 June 2008

Emergency Talks In Prague

Nicolas Sarkozy is paying Prague an 'emergency' visit to try to get the Lisbon Treaty back on the rails. He'll have his work cut out. Mind you, he's also holding a drinks reception at the French Embassy this afternoon so don't kid yourself that he's that bothered about the Lisbon Treaty hitting the wall.

I'd love to spend more time on the DD campaign in Haltemprice & Howden, but for now, I'll just share a few thoughts on a contest that is shaping up as not just a battle for liberty, but one against the Westminster village who condemn themselves every time they ask what David Davis stands to gain by his decision. My suggestions for the campaign are as follows.

1. Emphasis that David Davis is a moderate libertarian and that basic civil rights are the platform - it's not about extreme libertarianism or special interest groups. So it's not about drug-taking, prisoner votes or undermining professionals in positions of authority.

2. The campaign must be anti-Labour, but not pro-Conservative. That means no rosettes, no branded literature, no unprincipled concern for the impact on the polls. If I visit from the West Midlands I would like to travel up with non-Conservatives supporters such as Colin Ross or Dr Dave.

3. Someone should set up an online roll-call of those who have supported (and opposed) David's campaign. Let the record show who stood on both sides of the debate in the 2008 Battle of Haltemprice & Howden?

Over and out. Offline again for a bit.


Stephen Newton said...

So you'll not be ordering a supply of 'It's DD for me' t-shirts for the ladies?

Praguetory said...


I favour T-shirts with

Liberty 1208 - 2008?

on the front and

To protect ancient freedoms I fought the Battle Of Haltemprice of Howden

on the back