27 June 2008

Hash Browns

'Don't say you weren't warned' I said shortly before Brown was crowned a year ago today. I need say little more. I was right. A year on and I am in a minority. Unlike 85% of people Gordon has met my expectations.

Blair and Brown will not go down as good PMs, but I do think their task has been herculean. The real problem is the Labour Party and especially the PLP. Since about 2003, neither Blair nor Brown has really been able to lead their party and have been led by the nose by a bunch of no-mark MPs. I've got a new line that seems to strike a chord with people when they moan about this government. We (the country not me personally) voted in a bunch of teachers, trade unionists and lawyers so it's obvious that we should have a bossy, socialist government that thinks that they can solve any and every problem with legislation. Do you like it? I find this argument works well with uncommitted voters. Try it.


Mark Wadsworth said...

We voted in this lot.

electro-kevin said...

Yes. Like it.

Impressed with your blog.

nemo said...

Just one quibble. You ommitted to predicate teachers, trade unionists and lawyers with third rate.