13 July 2008

Going Back To The Roots

Years away from the next local or General Elections there is a danger of relaxing. No chance of that. Every one of the last 6 days that I have been in Birmingham I have been at well-attended Conservative Party events. Amongst these was a local candidate's thank you party. Of the 60 or so attendees, just a handful were under the age of 50. Personally, I enjoy listening to the old 'uns, as they always have something interesting to say. One chap described his anger when attending a private party that was mainly full of Socialists where Clare Short called Margaret Thatcher 'treacherous'. Another bloke who was an RAF veteran described how written complaints had been made about the new Labour Lord Mayor for failing to observe protocol at a recent Veteran's Day parade.

But the focus of my party work going forward is a mixture of recruitment and ensuring new young members get actively involved. The graphic below taken from a very recent edition of the Economist shows that as well as these activities are a case of making hay whilst the sun shines.

Birmingham University Conservative Future have invited me to take a local officer role so I plan on spending some of this Summer building their links with the local party and helping plan next academic year especially the opening recruitment drive. Another key objective supported by our regional team in Coleshill is to involve younger members. For those who have embarked on a career this might mean an introduction to the City Branch Committee. In my area, there's also a lot of new members in the 17 to 25 range who are full of enthusiasm. I'm currently organising an ice-breaker event for these guys so that they can get their membership of the party off to a flying start.

If you or will be living, working or studying in Birmingham and want to get involved with the most successful Conservative Party organisation in any of the core cities you can drop me a note on praguetory@googlemail.com and I will help.

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