21 January 2009

Contemptuous Attitude To Our Democracy

The Labour MP Paul Flynn is an idiot, so you'd think he'd be keen to try his hardest at Parliament. But no, he confirms his contempt for our democracy twice in his latest post.

On taking part in votes in the Commons.

Two minutes into Obama's speech, the division bell rang and we were all dragged from the mesmerising television pictures to vote in the Commons Chamber. The whips decided these things and their timing stank today.

Paul, there's plenty of people out there who want to represent the electorate in the House Of Commons - how about standing down? On voting to hide MP's expenses.

95% of the bad publicity has been thrown at Labour MPs. There is a siege mentality in Westminster that says whatever is published the press will again be reporting it hysterically. Why continue to feed the beast? I do not know which way I will vote - if I vote at all

If any reader wants to put on a small bet with me that Paul will vote against hiding expenses I will take that bet.

Update - In his comments to the post, Paul informs passing readers that 'this site is a forum for intelligent people'. Nice.

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Letters From A Tory said...

Obviously watching Obama give another big speech is more important than voting on the future of this country.