12 January 2009

Shit List

Derek Draper - the 'mastermind' behind Labourlist had a forgettable debut on the small screen appearing alongside Tim Montgomerie the founder and editor of Conservative Home. After Channel Four were unable to open their home page during the interview, K G-M delighted in concluding the news with the information that the technical hitch was at Labourlist's end.

Speaking of Conservative Home, our party's grassroots website tracks all the respected opinion polls.

When we come to consider the impact of Derek Draper's Labourlist, we can measure it against the starting point shown above. As someone who has done a bit of political blogging in his time, I find Derek's self-confidence highly amusing. He seems to think that he can go in to bat for his political side without breaking sweat.

If Draper and his team continue to provide such a clear insight into the Labour party's thinking (or lack of it) I expect to see considerable improvement in the Conservative position.


Blue Eyes said...

I think Cameron's new campaign will chime with a lot of people.

Anna Raccoon said...

Draper's List will keel over and sink if he doesn't allow honest debate on his site.

Letters From A Tory said...

I'm feeling quite confident that LabourList will change precisely sod all.