20 February 2009


I saw the following on a blogpost last November, so I repackaged it and sent it to some mates titled "The wisdom of Alistair Darling". Unfortunately, we're actually ahead of schedule...

Jan 2008 The UK economy is one of the strongest in the world

Feb 2008 Growth in the UK next year will be 2.5%

April 2008 The UK will continue to grow throughout next year

May 2008 The UK will escape recession

Nov 2008 The downturn will end in the second half of next year when growth will resume

Jan 2009 The UK recession will not be as bad as in the nineties

March 2009 The UK recession will not be as bad as in the seventies

April 2009 The UK economy is stronger than Irelands

May 2009 The UK economy is stronger than Icelands.....just

June 2009 The depression in the UK will not be as bad as in the thirties

Sept 2009 It will not be as bad as the Irish potato famine of the nineteenth century.

Nov 2009 It won't get as bad as during the Black Death which ravaged throughout the middle ages leaving millions dead

Dec 2009 Christmas is cancelled this year

Jan 2010 Hello...is anyone still listening?

Update - On a related theme, I have to admire the way Fraser Nelson is using his blog.


Not a sheep said...

Why do I not feel the urge to laugh? Just not that funny any more is it.

Lex Fear said...


Though you shouldn't be posting things like this in public. Someone at the treasury might come across it then have an idea for future Darling statements to the press.

Mark Wadsworth said...

PT, you missed out:

Oct 2009 It won't be as bad as The Plague and the Great Fire of London.

Anonymous said...

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