15 April 2009

Bull In A China Shop

The Labour Party are desperately trying to limit the fall-out from Smeargate to Damian McBride, but facts may get in the way. For example, if he's not the person who purchased the Red Rag website, there is likely to be further spillover. The BBC reports,

Meanwhile, the Times newspaper has reported that the Red Rag website was set up by someone giving the name "Ollie Cromwell" and the House of Commons as their address. Easily internet, which registered the site, would not confirm or deny the address given but is looking into whether its terms and conditions were breached. The firm has been unsuccessful in contacting the site's creator on the telephone number given.

We're looking for a Westminster-based Puritan whose phone doesn't work. Hmmm

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Letters From A Tory said...

Seeing as Watson and Whelan have disappeared, answers are still in short supply. Hopefully, they won't be allowed to hide for much longer.