13 May 2009

Political In-Fighting

Astonishingly, Birmingham Labour returned more MPs to Parliament in 2005 (nine) than the number of councillors they returned in last year's locals (eight). Labour MPs sit in Birmingham Edgbaston, Selly Oak, Hall Green and Northfield but in the 36 local elections held in these four seats in the local elections held in May 2006, 2007 and 2008, Labour have won a solitary seat. Occasionally people express surprise at how badly Labour are doing on Birmingham City Council. In a recent post (three down) I related Labour's selection difficulties for the Lozells & East Handsworth by-election. This election campaign has now exploded into violence. Not between parties, but within the Labour Party! It's rumoured that the victim is in fact the Labour Party agent, a chap who is unfortunate enough to share a name with a commenter who posted this drivel on the Birmingham Post blog.

...Every one has right to air their views how ever I begg to differ.
Roshan must be held responsiable for an attack on the sikh community. The birmingham post should remove such people from their post who try to create hate within our multicultral, multifaith community. I also take the view that this is not roshan speaking but the Birmingham post for not vetting and allowing this articail to be printed. Again welldone to the organisors. This is what happens when you harvest fruit out of season , you get a Coconut that has a bitter taste.

Now do you understand why Labour is vanishing in Birmingham?

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