21 June 2009

Congratulations Pete

I have known Peter Smallbone since I joined 1M at the age of 11. Even at school we were good friends and instinctive Tories. I might be wrong but I vaguely remember us discussing subscribing to British Gas shares at school. Our contact faded when we were at different universities but reignited in our 20s when we took several holidays together including trips to Cuba and Russia. By 2006 Pete was standing at local level and started his political blog (see links on the right). He captured Birmingham Quinton off Labour in May 2008. :-)
Well, on 13 June 2009 Pete got married at his parish church. Here's my favourite picture from the reception at the Chamberlains' former family home - Highbury Hall. Congratulations to Laura and Pete on a great wedding day and an excellent wedding party. Best wishes for the future.

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