27 February 2010

Has Erdington Labour Party Been Infiltrated?

In Jack Dromey (aka Mr Harriet Harman) the Birmingham Erdington branch of the Labour Party has just chosen the perfect Parliamentary candidate for the Tories.

What do his comrades within the Labour Party say about the union baron and spouse of the Deputy Prime Minister?

One opponent in the selection contest for Erdington. Ansar Ali Khan said.
I am not a relative of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown or Harriet Harman and I am not three years from retirement age.


And from another opponent, Steve Bedser
The view I have of an MP doing a good job is that they are grounded in the constituency they represent.

And local Labour ward councillor Mike Sharp
I am against anyone coming in from London or elsewhere, no matter how important they are. It should be a local person, someone from the constituency.

Back in his hometown of London, what do they say about him? Labour Party insiders call him.
lazy and stupid.

I am sure he looks forward to further ringing endorsements. ;-)

Putting aside the union backing, his family connections, and his lack of proximity to Birmingham, my question is different. Why would voters trust a man who 'knew nothing' about 14 MILLION POUNDS loans for lordships when it was under his nose? To support an energetic, young, candidate who lives in the middle of the constituency and has a track record of representing the electorate of Erdington, join the campaign for Bobby Alden.


PoliticalHack said...

Perhaps it matters more what the majority of Labour members in Erdington thought.

Peter Smallbone said...

Quite right, PT. Of the available candidates, this was easily the most helpful choice for Robert Alden. Good luck Bobby!