26 September 2006

Conservatives Abroad On The Net

Conservatives Abroad has 35 branches internationally.

Due to our location and ongoing interest in UK politics, CA members probably use the internet more than most. We do have a significant web presence whether to support branch activities or personal political blogging.

This site for the Conservatives of Javea, Costa Blanca, is absolutely terrific. They have around 75 members and the Conservative branch is clearly at the heart of the community. Pictured is an IDS visit in May of this year. The photo gallery and the weblinks are great and the chairman has started to use a blog to publicise their events.

Washington DC Tories site is worth a brief visit. They appear to be very active and able to attract high profile speakers. Liam Fox is visiting in October (ed. Wouldn't mind seeing you being a bit more prominent on the UK political scene, Liam).

It's no secret that one of the founders of the successful Prison Works website is Alan Drew, an expat based in Switzerland, who also has his own engaging (and regularly updated) political website.

Who have I missed?

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