08 September 2006

Getting About In Prague

Imagine the following was London not Prague.

1. I left work in south-west Prague at just after 7pm. I drove my five mile journey home crossing the river running through the city. I got to home which is about a mile south of the city centre, had a quick chat about my day with my gf and checked my mail and my blog quickly. I got changed into casual clothes and my mate came around. I'd arranged with helping him move house.
2. I drove him round to his ex-girlfriend's place in south Prague and whilst he went up to her third floor flat to collect his stuff I went to the nearest petrol station, filled up and got a bottle of alcohol for a house visit later.
3. Then I picked him up and we set out for his new address - an east Prague flat. I was a bit unfamiliar with the route and got a bit lost at first, but not too badly. I parked up and helped him get all his luggage into his apartment block.
4. I then set out for home again. I seemed to get stuck at all the traffic lights which was fairly frustrating.
5. I picked up my gf from home and we set out to our friends in north-west Prague. In west Prague we managed to miss a crucial turn due to rubbish signing - my excuse and I'm sticking to it, but we went via the Castle instead and got to my mates' apartment in good time for snacks and drinks - 9.15.

If I had the same scenario in London when do you think I'd have completed the journey?


Ellee said...

What, no road works, honking horns or road rage?

Praguetory said...

The problems of driving in Prague are in order of importance
- avoiding trams (if they have priority they ain't stopping)
- unexpected one way systems
- poor road markings at junctions so unclear priority etc
- Schumacher wannabes
So make sure that you're already accomplished with left hand drive before going on a Prague city mission