06 September 2006

I Like Khalid Mahmood

Khalid Mahmood is the Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr. I'd welcome him into the Tory party. He's the kind of guy we need.
Not only has he blown a beautifully-timed raspberry at Anthony Blair which will lead to further bloodshed in the Labour Party in Parliament and at large, but he is the only brave Muslim MP we have in the UK. He faced a 1,000 strong hostile mob during the Lozells riots and is also reported as saying the following.

Khalid Mahmood... said Muslims found it all too easy to shrug off the radicalization of some parts of their culture, particularly among young men. “They are reluctant to discuss what reality is and come to terms with it,” he said. Mr. Mahmood is a friend of the family of Tayib Rauf, one of the suspects whose arrest was announced Thursday, and he said that the Rauf family was comfortably off and not in any way fundamentalist. He suspected, he said, that Mr. Rauf had become radicalized in college, perhaps by listening to a speech from a visiting speaker. In a country where, for instance, Muslims were free to raise placards denouncing freedom of speech during a demonstration protesting the publication of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed, Mr. Mahmood said British tolerance had allowed extremism to flourish. “We’ve been reluctant to curb freedom of expression or religious rights,” he said. “We’ve played host to people who weren’t allowed in their own country of origin.”

I'd rather have him running Immigration than the likes of Hughes, McNulty or Byrne.

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