22 September 2006

Pay Peanuts?

The Immigration & Nationality Directorate is looking for HEO Accountants (what the hell is HEO?) for Croydon and Heathrow.

The advertisement paints a realistic picture of the challenges and obliquely alludes to some of the recent scandals.

"With the number of people seeking to enter the country rising dramatically in recent years, it’s our role to monitor and control entry while considering applications and putting measures in place to detect and deter abuse of the system. The responsibility is huge, and meeting it demands the very highest standards of financial management. This is where you enter the equation. Monitoring and managing budgets worth up to £400million, you’ll deliver key support to business support units etc etc."

The salary range for these complex and demanding roles in the high-cost South East?
£24,543 - £35,727 + C£1,000 London allowance. I’ve heard of the public sector ethic, but this takes the piss. University graduates start on more.

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Jock Coats said...

Funny you should say "graduates start on more". Would that be a "Higher Education Outcome" HEO, versus a Higher Executive Officer maybe?