22 September 2006


I must check my horoscope - it's been a funny day. There's been some poor, poor nonsense posted on several Labour sites to which I had to respond. In all three cases the blogger has responded to my reasonable comments by throwing their toys out of the pram.

Check here and here where the blogger decided to dedicate a new post to fisking my comment or here where Jo Salmon insinuated my post was spam and kindly told me where in her archives I should have posted my comment.

One word - rattled.


John East said...

I much regret the lack of blogging across party lines. Congratulations. Your attempts to bridge the divide have inspired me to have another go.
When I started blogging about a year ago I often used to post on left wing blogs, but lost heart when I was often subjected to violent ad hominem rants.
A good argument does no one any harm, so I think I'll give it another shot.

Croydonian said...

Mutual wind ups between red and blue can be quite amusing, but we should not lose sight of the fact that political bloggers have more in common with each other than with /most/ 'civilians' because we are actually intersted in politics.

Anonymous said...

The tetchiness is only going to get worse the nearer nulabour's conference gets! The plotting in the smoke free rooms cutting deals and briefing against each other has started and they have not even got there yet.

CityUnslicker said...

I could not help but post on Jo Salmon's site.

Fourthterm had a point about the Tories always saying their is a recession on the way; even if the off balance sheet accounting point is true.

Let the merriment continue!

Jo said...

To be honest, I'd say that dedicating a whole new post to the response you've had suggests that you're the one who is rattled.

But thanks for the extra hits you've sent my way!

cityunslicker, I've responded to your rather ridiculous comment.

Bel said...

I see the leftie blogs still do not take kindly to contrary views. Thank you for those links. I normally stay away from leftie blogs for that very reason, but maybe I should start visiting again.

Chris Palmer said...

A trawl of the Lib Dem blogs and winding them up is often quite enjoyable I find.

Anonymous said...

I believe the attitude on these Labour blogs is only a reflection of the Labour Government. Remember Blair's fits of rage in the Commons at David Cameron?