28 October 2006

Beautiful Morning In Prague South

Here's a few pictures of Prague. October has been a pleasant month in Prague with plenty of blue skies. This morning is particularly nice and from my living room the view of the St Peter & Paul church is better than ever now that the tree foliage has mainly fallen. This church is located on the site of an old fortress although the "castle walls" that surround this attraction are apparently relatively recent. Should you visit this site, you must pay a visit to the cemetery. As well as being the resting place of luminaries from the arts world such as Capek and Dvorak, the beauty and symbolism reflected in the various shrines provides an insight into Czech culture over the years.

Looking down my street across the Vltava river shows the amount of greenery near Prague centre - although this is mainly due to steep hillsides unsuitable for construction. In the far distance, you can just pick out the Strahov Stadium which is the biggest stadium in Europe and dwarves the international football pitch that is next to it. In 2002 there was an Ozzy Osbourne concert at Strahov. Apparently, a crowd of over 20,000 was in attendance, but it seemed like maybe 10% of the space was being used.

From our bedroom windows you can see the historic Prague castle although as it is several miles away from here the view with the naked eye isn't as clear as this photo implies. Some say it takes three days to do a tour of the Prague castle and surrounding attractions properly. The gardens at the foot of the castle near Malastranske (Little Bank) tube stop are nice at the moment.


newmania said...

That does look nice . I `m thinking of doing a series of mock beauty spots Islington having been declared the countries worse place to live ( Councillor’s outraged et.). I imagine this is one of the less serious posts so I hope it will be acceptable just to mention …

1 Thanks for looking in
2 I `m not Mayoral hopeful I am a Mayoral hope-less that wouldn’t get on the z list . It was a local stunt for the Iz Gazette and an anti Boles protest. The blog was set up by someone else and I don’t know how to change it . Sad I know. Will amend asap.

Did you notice Ruth lea predicting economic disaster . She predicted the events leading to Black Wednesday in 1987 (I think). Deserves to be taken seriously . I feel there is a lurking monster in the economy and only wish I had he background to pull it to the surface.

Pamela said...

Prague is without a doubt my favourite city in Europe (that I have visited). It is simply amazing. There is so much to see and do here, and the atmosphere is incredible that just being in the city and walking through its streets is worth the trip alone.
I was impressed with the scenery and the friendliness of everyone in the city. I was equally impressed at the low cost of hotels in Prague and of course, beer and took advantage of this as often as possible. Prague was my first stop in a trip through Europe and was definitely the highlight. I was happy I had to pass through here again at the end of my trip to catch my flight back to Chicago and made sure I enjoyed every second of it.