14 October 2006

Lib Blogs

The Lib Dem linking comp is closed. My top three in reverse order of preference

Bronze - Liberal Bureaucracy - A fairly personal blog, with a unique angle (administration can be good). I'm going to visit this one a bit more before deciding whether to link.

Silver - Inner West - First impression was it was a bit heavyweight for this time on a Saturday morning. The blog is very thoughtful. The even-handed way in which he makes criticisms of Cameron (on not cutting taxes) and his own party is impressive. You're linked.

Gold - Forceful & Moderate - I'm a little seduced by small things such as the fact that the link to the Grauniad, it's a double act and that they appear to have big issues with the welfare state. More generally, I like the way that the site tackles everyday issues in a calm and engaging manner. Linked.

Whilst, I am at it (awarding gongs), I asked a few chess questions at the start of the World Chess Championships. Croydonian correctly named the first British GM as Tony Miles (pictured in his younger years). As to the other questions, Miles's biography is called "It's Only Me" which is an anagram of his name and the "handle" he used when playing Internet chess. He went to King Edwards School Edgbaston. His fellow alumni include Enoch Powell, J R R Tolkein, David Willetts and my brother.

Note - The new world chess champion is Vladimir Kramnik who won on a tiebreak after the main match was tied 6 - 6.


Chris Black said...

Fair Comment - and as it happens, Forceful and Moderate was my nomination for Lib Dem Blog of the year....

Chris Palmer said...

Ah yes, Forceful and Moderate. I am currently linked to by them under 'Authoritarian.' Have a look back through some of there old pieces and you will see my comments.