13 October 2006


I've been spending too much time weighing in against Sion Simon to worry about my own posting and I have visitors this weekend. I don't like to be political unless I've thought the post through, so here is an apolitical post. Just stocked up on basics

3 2 litres bottles of still water
2 litres of milk
2 kilogram bags of rice and
1 jar of coffee.

The cost approximated to £2.40. Let's see who can turn this into a political post.


Alan said...

Damn the EU - I remember when that lot would have been £0.24 - not £2.40. How's inflation in Prague these days?

That said, it wasn't that many years ago that you would have had to queue for that lot...... Damn the Soviets..

Will that do?

Jock Coats said...

Hmm - much less than in Tesco. Despite the fact that they don't pay Land Value Tax on all those out of town car parks they own.


See, I can get it in anywhere...:)

PS - who bottled the water? Has the Czech Republic still got spa water not owned by Coke, Danone or Nestle?

Anonymous said...

ha! Thats all for 48 shillings? I blame the bloody government.

CityUnslicker said...

You must hate your visitors if this is the kind of thing you are laying on for the party. Are they your in-laws?

Praguetory said...

Lol - cityunslicker. Humbug.

Ellee said...

I wonder how many men know who much a litre of milk costs? It's something politicians get asked sometimes to see how grounded they are.

But what a cheap shopping basket, I'm very impressed.

Snafu said...

Ellee, I've no idea how much a litre of milk costs, I only buy pints;)

Ellee said...

snafu, how much is a pint then? And a packet of cornflakes? And no cheating.

Serf said...

If it were not for CAP, it would be cheaper. (Do I win a prize?)

Praguetory said...

Hey Serf, long time no see - you want a prize for stating the obvious? Jock, there are a few bottled water companies which I believe are independent (e.g. mattoni. And Ellee, I'd also like to ground a few politicians. Post closed.