25 October 2006

Paraphrasing Broon

An ICM poll for the Guardian puts Labour on 29%, 10 points behind the Tories on 39%, with the Liberal Democrats on 22%. This level of support for Labour equals a previous record low for the party in an ICM/Guardian poll recorded in May 1987.

I was touched by Gordon Brown's response -

"If you're doing things right, and the economy is doing well, the health service is getting better, your schools are getting better ... then people will respond."
He added: "It's a discipline on us to be better and more effective, and to listen to people."

Paraphrasing Broon

We are ineffective. The economy isn't doing well and despite the billions we have poured into them neither schools nor the health service are improving.

NB - Nothing from the BBC on this story?!


Anonymous said...

From people I have been speaking to left,centre and right, Blair has been written off and the prospect of having a centralist micro manager like Brown is sinking in and filling people with deep foreboding, hence your graph rings true, that Brown is going to get in without the benefit of a General election as PM. Cameron is really going to have to get a grip as opposition leader, as we have more than a few years of this situation.

Praguetory said...

Hi Guthrum, welcome back. I agree with what you are saying but I had better point out that the graph is for illustration purposes.

Ellee said...

That's an incredible lead, but let's not get too excited too soon, there is still a long way to go and people will suffer from polls-fatigue if we are not careful.

Btw, I posted a comment about Grant Shapps, not sure if it went through ok, or was acidentally linked to someone else's site.

Praguetory said...

I don't really believe this poll - at the moment it is an anomaly. I believe that we have a rollercoaster ride ahead of us in the polls so we just need to stick to the plan. However, these sorts of results are effective at precipitating pandemonium in Labour ranks, so I'm looking forward to the fallout.

Blogger's playing up at the moment, but if memory serves I understand that you are a big fan of Mr Shapps.