24 October 2006

This Is What I Call A Landslide

Prague local elections results

Civic Democrats (ODS) - 53.3%
Social Democrats (CSSD) - 15.4%
Greens - 8.0%
Communists (KSCM) - 7.9%
Association of Independent Candidates - European Democrats (SNK-ED) - 5.5%
Others - C10%

Well done to ODS who can now rule without the support of any other parties. My only gripe is that part of the ODS platform was to increase the number of police officers in the city. Seems to me that there are enough already, they just need to focus on the criminals rather than road traffic duties.

The ODS' dominance in Prague is mirrored in other major capitals in Eastern Europe who typically vote for the mainstream right (e.g. Bratislava in Slovakia). Some of the political posters have been interesting to say the least and if I manage to photograph a few before they disappear I will post them. Here is an amusing text I received the other day from an expat friend who got caught up in the campaigning

"I've found myself a Green Party tram. I'm having badges, leaflets and green tea forced on me. It's like a hippy nightmare."


The Sads said...

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Praguetory said...

Where's your manners? You should link to me first. Then I'll oblige.

CityUnslicker said...

When will the EU start bashing the new entrants for always voting right-wing?

Or have they started already?

Praguetory said...

It started some time ago. Gerhard Schroder was bashing them for some time implying that if they can "afford lower taxes" they should not receive structural funds or other transfers.

Here's a more up-to-date example on a similar theme.

I like the "fail to improve their tax base" line. After Slovakia cut taxes they reached their tax revenue budget by end of October last year. Wrong-headed, economically illiterate thinking. And yes, George Osbourne has been displaying similar symptoms.

The Sads said...

I have linked you

CityUnslicker said...

Thanks for the link, it is hysterical.

Oh how much these types much wish for tax harmonisation.

I always thought in the past that the UK wouldnever sign up under any govt; but now our taxes have been raised by 4% points and we are near the euro average I can see Labour or Tories trying to sell this to us.