09 November 2006

Four - The Timeline Behind The Story

Developments on the Daniel Dewsbury story have happened overnight. I am personally pretty busy on today. You can expect an update over at Conservative Home some point today. Still no Labour response to our question, so for now the visuals continue.

Meanwhile, here's a rundown of the timeline. The episode runs over four calendar months, not the greatest if you are a student.


Thurs 17 Aug - Started filming under the guidance of Emmet Regan (Hazel Blears' assistant)
Wed 30 Aug - Finished filming


Thurs 7 Sept - Danny started to take advice re applicability of NMW
Tues 12 Sept - Editing completed

From then onwards - Emmet Regan stopped returning Danny’s emails/calls.

Sun 24 - Wed 27 Sept - 5 of Danny’s films used at Labour conference
Thurs 28 Sept - Danny posted video to Youtube


Tues 17 Oct - Letter sent to Labour from lawyer
Tues 31 Oct - Danny received the cheque for £250 with no covering letter


Fri 3 Nov - Campaign to renumerate Danny starts.
Tues 7 Nov - Letter sent to Hazel Blears and her assistant Emmet Regan
Mon 12 Nov - Deadline for Labour to undertake to renumerate Danny properly


Ellee Seymour said...

Let's hope some Labour bloggers start taking an interest in this.

Anonymous said...

email sent to TUC and Low pay commission following Radio 4 this morning.