09 November 2006

London & Prague

I found it amusing when Labour bloggers got animated about Short resigning after campaigning on the 2005 manifesto. Other than delivering some watered-down education reforms with Tory support, where can Labour even claim to have made good on their 2005 manifesto? If delivery on a manifesto is the benchmark for staying in post, the lot of them should resign.

All we’ve had from Labour since 2005 is knee-jerks, (anything re criminal justice – the latest being flag-burning laws) spin, (I’m thinking about the reshuffle, Labour’s 50 Achievements I could go on), soap opera, (Brown, Blair, Simon, Watson, DPM race etc etc) u-turns (police mergers and re faith schools being the biggest ones) and more than a whiff of favouritism across the board (Supercasinos, hospital closures). In fact is there anything, they’re doing right?

However, I can’t deny that there has been plenty to blog about from London.

At the other end of the spectrum is Prague. I started blogging at the end of July. At that time, the results of the June election had led to a stalemate where neither right nor left could command sufficient support to form a government. Today, getting on for six months after the election, we’re in just the same situation as when I blogged on August 15. I’m sick of Czech politics. Nothing ever happens.


kinglear said...

You should know that the inability of a government to do anything usually means a period of peace and prosperity as people get on with things as opposed to having to stop every few minutes to check what is new.
Weirdly, one of the more successful periods in British Politics was the last few years of John Major's government. They couldn't do anything and were so successful that Gordon Brown inherited an economy that even his ten years of mismanagement has not yet destroyed

Praguetory said...

People are learning that in Czech. Everything is drifting along just fine without politicos "doing" things.

The other day in Prague they had a vote in Parliament that the leading party lost by one because 10 of their number were absent.