31 December 2006

2006 - First The Bad News

I don't think 2006 was a momentous year in politics, but it was a fascinating one. I've been asked to do a meme by Dizzy and James Higham on the seven best things I did in 2006 which I will do. But there were also some political disappointments, so I'll give you my bad news first. Here are my top 7 disappointments in descending order of personal importance. Very few Labour items as their failings rarely surprise any more. Feel free to comment.

1. Slovakia’s Nightmare Coalition

Despite the leading right-wing party increasing their percentage of the vote, a new coalition formed that excluded them and all of their former coalition partners. Here are the main players in the new coalition.

Robert Fico, a former communist and a leader of the left-wing populist party "Smer". His political hero? Castro.

Ján Slota, leader of the Slovak National Party on record as saying that the solution to the gypsy problem is "a small courtyard and a long whip" and keen on taking some tanks to Budapest.

And last, but not least Vladimír Mečiar, the boss of HZDS and the former "strongman" prime minister responsible for strangling democracy during his time in government. The European politician most resembling Slobodan Milosevic imho.

On a popular Slovak news website, visitors were asked what they think about the new government and 63% answered that they are thinking about emigration. In that case why did you vote for any of the above?

2. Stalemate in Czech (no pun intended)

Elections took place in June. There is still no government. Politicians of all hues deliberately bringing their profession into disrepute. A national disgrace.

3. The May Knee-jerk Reshuffle

Jack Straw who was a very competent Foreign Secretary goes, Prescott stays in post.

4. George Osborne

So many open goals missed and irritatingly painted the Tories into a corner with his incendiary statements on tax. Focus on spending, George. And if you can't destroy Brown with logic, reason and the facts, find something else to do other than being Shadow Chancellor.

5. British Airways

BA's refusal to let a woman worker openly wear a cross which even had the idiot CEO Willie Walsh holding out for a week in defence of this disgusting authoritarianism before caving in under financial pressure.

6. Girlfriend's Mum Misses Out In Mayoral Race

Ran for the SDKU in her small village. Couldn’t overturn the alcoholic incumbent. Nothing to say really. Early to bed that night.

7. Close But No Cigar

I did some leafleting in Birmingham Oscott in the May elections. We missed out by 22 votes in May. Next time.

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mel said...

Now imagine my horror when Pan Fico was at the New York Stock Exchange ringing the Opening Bell a few months back...