31 December 2006

2006 - Now The Good News

As mentioned before I was asked by Dizzy and James Higham to list the top 7 things I did in 2006.

1. In Spring me and my girlfriend spent a week as helpers taking disabled kids to Lourdes with this charity. I was looking after a wonderful chap called Paul who has Down's Syndrome. To be honest, I didn’t give much back to the community in my 20s, but this was a uniquely rewarding experience. I think I’ll do it again in 2008.

2. At around the same time, I did a little campaigning in Birmingham and Hounslow for the May council elections. The Tories gained control of Hounslow for the first time in 36 years and the celebration evening a few weeks later was unforgettable. A few tears were shed by some of the old guard.

3. Spent the best part of July in Bulgaria and Northern Greece. The Halkidiki coastal area of Greece which comprises three peninsulas is beautiful and the people certainly demonstrated their legendary friendliness. Here’s me partaking in a Greek tradition on a boat trip to Mount Athos. We met a wonderful Greek Cypriot couple that day.

4. Later in the Summer, I met up with some old uni mates and went surfing for the first time. It was pretty stormy conditions at time but as my signature blogging picture shows, I did manage to catch a wave or two.

5. In October I went to Conservative conference and met several other prominent bloggers in London on the Friday before. Twas my first conference and like I had an exhausting but exhilarating time there – and managed to do a fair amount of blogging. See archives.

6. Organised a couple of blogging campaigns and rode on the tail of a few others. I was most pleased by the result of the Danny Dewsbury campaign and the year culminated on a high yesterday. I was flattered to receive an CBE from Tory Radio for work done to higlight blogging as a campaign tool.

Right, so that’s six. Just one more to think of.

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