22 December 2006

Dust Settling In Ipswich

The dust hasn't yet settled, but it's obvious that Tom Stephens' life will never be the same. Revealed as a lonely and immature man and a habitual user of prostitutes, who is to blame for this man's life being dissected in the full gaze of the public? And how can Stephen Wright get the fair trial he deserves?


Anonymous said...

Well done, this is a very good post. You've put it simply and well. The Media are a disgrace for ruining this man's life without knowing whether he was guilty or not. Even if there is a reversla and teh police charge him as well they should not have done it.

Tom Paine said...

I am glad someone said it. I have been horrified by the conduct of the media.

niconoclast said...

I got the impression he wanted his 15 minutes of infamy.

Praguetory said...

Algy met a bear,
A bear met Algy.
The bear was bulgy,
The bulge was Algy.

They say that a typical road accident comprises three errors. Similarly, I think that the media, the police and Tom all made errors. No party is blameless as far as I can see.