21 December 2006

The Makings Of A Blogger Joke

A rabbit does his shopping every morning. One day he goes into a butchers shop. "Scuse me, have you got any lettuce" he says. "No", says the butcher '' I sell meat not lettuce". "Ok" says the rabbit and he goes.This happens every day for a week and the butcher gets really annoyed with the rabbit. "Look", he says "if you come in here and ask me for lettuce again I'll nail your ears to the floor, ok?" "Fine" says the rabbit and he leaves.The next day, the rabbit goes to the butchers shop again. The butcher sees him and starts to tell him to leave when the rabbit says "Excuse me, have you got any nails"."No" says the butcher. "Oh, in that case have you got any lettuce!".

I'm going to try to rework this gag for the 21st century blogging. Need your help.

A young blogger checks the political blogs every morning. One day he goes to Guido's site. "Scuse me, can you give me a link?" he says. "No", says Guido "I don't link small fry". "Ok" says the blogger and disappears. This happens every day for a week and Guido gets really annoyed with the blogger. "Look", he says "if you come in here and ask me for a link once more I'll.... CAN ANYONE COMPLETE THIS JOKE FOR ME?


Anonymous said...

And he comes back again the next day and and Guido says fuck off I do not , repeat DO NOT , link fucking small fry.
This goes on all week with increasing bad language
After seven days Guido says to small fry , listen you cunt , you come here once more with your arse faced fuckwit piss poor fucking attitude and I `ll fuck you up so bad you `ll wish you were mother-fucking dead, and any way why the fuck do you do it
Small Fry says , well I` ve got a bet with your wife that I can fuck her in the arse more time s than you can say fuck

Guido - Fuck

Small Fry - Damn , it was close though !

Feel free to delete P . I would love to link you I can’t do it C has sent instructions and I am looking at them nervously. I if you recall am one of those Gutenberg types you uber -menches are out breeding ( I don`t think) . You are correct in your guess that I love myself more than anything in the world but I don’t have the time to run a proper blog like you and C so its just an occasional scrap book. I do try to link-out locally by email and seriously I would love to advertise proper bloggers like you. I`m going to have go this weekend .

I do on the other hand suspect you of being the vote rigger in the Dale Poll . Confess and feel better.

Praguetory said...

Re the Dale poll - unfortunately I was travelling most of yesterday so I could only carry out minor subterfuge. I had big plans involving closing off a whole wing of my office for "IT security checks" - only to find that the Dalemeister had already switched to a really boring poll. Did you catch the final results?

Good joke by the way.

james higham said...

... anymore, I'll get Ian to add you to Blogpower and you'll get 53 links to my one. Will that satisfy you? Now f--- off!

Paul Burgin said...

Have you been annoying Guido Prague! ;)