20 December 2006


Ok, I'm heading back to Prague. On the way I will be reading the pictured book which is written by a former Blair advisor. Will try to extract the highlights for my readership. Also, as I have been away from my usual computer for the last few days I have no idea what has happened to my stats. Should be interesting.

Comment moderation is off, so police yourselves. ;-).


Anonymous said...

You presume there'll be highlights?

Just drink the free stuff and go to sleep.

Ellee said...

Actually, I fancy reading this too, do let me know what it's like.

Newmania said...

P hope to say hallo one of these days . You are now annointed in the Mount Olympus of Blogging and rightfully so

Do you have long term political ambitions .Why should you not get into Parliament ?

let us know some time

Anonymous said...

Do let us know the highlights. I'm getting Thatcher's "Statecraft" myself for Christmas. Looking forward to getting it.

But I also have to read "Wuthering Heights" over the next couple of weeks for English coursework, and I'm a slow reader.