07 January 2007

2007 Review!

James Higham tagged me on a meme about how I feel now and what my targets are for the end of January and end of March. Cheers James - I don't mind at all - although I've got to stop doing these meme things. I'll start by reviewing my first week of 2007.


I've had more than 600 page views a day and close to 300 readers a day so far in 2007. Comments have run at one per hour, I haven't deleted or moderated a single one (I think) and highlights have included a visit from Boris Johnson's blog and the first comments from people in my family (but then again I did announce that I just got engaged). I have prepared 24 posts and have been tagged by Iain Dale and was included in a Guido post. Further, I learnt to my surprise that I am now linked at WebCameron along with just 8 other big C Conservative bloggers.

The week has been shaped by events starting with a successful New Years Party. My posting of the Saddam video briefly brought an avalanche of traffic on New Year's day. On Tuesday, my post on John McDonnell succeeded on many levels, but I'm not saying why. On Wednesday, a good blogging friend was named as the second most popular Tory blogger. Newmania wasn't shy in breaking this news and attracted traffic for this site from many quarters including Boris Johnson. On Thursday, I was tagged by Iain Dale and on Friday Piper returned, but I was more interested in Recess Monkey and Susanne Lamido. The weekend has been more quiet, but I've been doing some fruitful research and networking behind the scenes. All in all a superb week.


Which takes me to looking forward. By the end of January, I want to set a date for the wedding. I resolved to socialise more in 2007 so blog-wise during the rest of January, I want to reduce posting significantly. However, I seem to be stumbling across/receiving stories from all over the shop so I will need to pass some on to people who'd like to run with them. So, if all goes to plan the rest of January is going to be a month of quiet back-scratching and planning. Don't worry, I'll publish the really good stuff so keep visiting, it's going to be worth it.

Re the final part of the meme, targets for the end of March, well that's quite fluid at this stage, but I do intend to have the rest of the year fairly well mapped out by then.


Ellee said...

That is a fantastic start to the year. well done.

Anonymous said...

I am even more surprised not to be mentioned here! As I am coming to stay with you next week I would have thought you could have at least mentioned me - Mr Newmani does and he is a notorious old fudy duddy!

Anonymous said...

Is it fame or influence you'll be courting in 2007?

Praguetory said...

Good question, blamerbell. I think it's more important to be respected than loved, but that doesn't answer your question does it?

Anonymous said...

..Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie made a similiar point about hinself I believe.

What do youthink about a virtual political party or Conservative Grouping and agenda to which people sign up to or not ? I wonder if that will ever happen.

I `m going to be busy making aliving this year but i will try to keep .

newmania said...


Sorry thats me