24 January 2007

Blair Leaving Party

When Tony Blair resigns announces his departure we will be holding a celebration in a Prague bar. The bar owner thought it was a great idea as long as we were only celebrating Blair's departure and not his successor's arrival. Of course I will publicise the event here cometh the hour. In other news, it's been snowing heavily here. Yesterday there were 720 car accidents in the Czech Republic. I'll be working from home, today.


Guthrum said...

As I said when Tony B tips you the wink, let us know

Buster George said...

Speaking of leaving, A piece in the Mail today covered an exhibition of foriegn homes and quoted many of the exhibitors as saying that a majority of those looking to leave the UK said Blair.

They are no longer using the reasons of a quiter life, but are using the breakdown in health, education, and justice under Tony Blair.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you out building a snowdog or making slides?? Here in the South west we have no snow - but we do have a unseasonal invasion of bluebottles!!