23 January 2007

Councillor E-mails


Do you ever get a eureka moment? Last Friday Newsnight ran a story about an offensive e-mail sent by a Conservative activist.

On Friday the BBC gave that "story" higher billing and more coverage than the Ruth Turner arrest - a story of international significance.

Well, I've just realised that I've been sitting on a similarly offensive email from a well-known Labour councillor. Surely it must be in the public interest for me to make it available. Let's judge the Beeb by actions not words. I would like to give Michael Crick and Newsnight a chance to show that they are not as biased as everybody thinks.

I would also be happy to discuss the contents of the email with William Thomas OBE, the Labour leader of Sandwell council. Anyway, I've got some work to get on with. Could all media outlets please provide contact details in my comments?

Note - Which part of this posting did Bob Piper not understand?


hmmmm said...


Minister's fling with BBC girl who booked him for Newsnight
'The ambitious Miss Rogers, who worked for Labour during the 2005 election campaign and is said to be on first name terms with Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, did not tell her Newsnight bosses that she was dating Mr Purnell at the time she was asked to book him as a guest on the show last October.'

Praguetory said...

You're right. Newsnight is riddled with pro-Labour bias. It's like Vichy France isn't it? Plan B anyone?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha -wait and see what happens? Thats my only idea - or something... Doesn't Tory MP Nick Gibb's brother work on Newsnight?

Guthrum said...

What is truly bizarre is that Bob thinks that putting Jim Crow/Minstrel images in the public domain is acceptable behaviour, and that it is everybody elses fault (though mainly yours PT) What is and what is not socially acceptable was graphically drawn in the Jade Goody farrago recently. If he cannot see it or understand, that is sad especially for a local councillor

Anonymous said...

Where are you guts?