21 January 2007

A-Musing Tale

The last time I saw my some time Russian teacher, he told me that he was basing a character in his book on me. An arrogant Western chess player was the character. I admit I was quite flattered. Well I just got a message from him today.

"Chess tonight or tomorrow in shakes? you could play against a compatriot of yours too if you feel like" and then a more urgent one.

"I haven't written my novel. I abandoned it and started afresh, using some of its material. The new novel should be about chess, school violence, chess, street violence, chess, nationalism, chess, criminals, chess, family violence...I have about 90 pages so far...But I cannot return it to the chess theme"

Of course I'll be meeting him at a bar on Tuesday to play chess as he is a very interesting person, a talented writer and a decent chess player. I'll also be speaking to the bar owner (who is an occasional reader of this blog - he tells me) about making provisional arrangements for a big party to celebrate the Blairs' departure. I've already agreed to celebrate in style with some fellow Tories in Prague - it seems appropriate to start making detailed plans.

The diagram is a beautifully elegant, but relatively simple White to play and mate in 4. Who can tell me the last move in the sequence?


Newmania said...

Smarty Pants P. You are a chess playing boxing intellectual are you. Well I don`t feel inferior oh no.

1)I can fold my scrotum into an exact replica of several species of rare orchid
2)I can whistle in three distinct ways without using my fingers.
3) I once one a prize for memorising the date and result of every general election.

It was bronze bust of Walpole and I won it playing poker.

4) I know who the first priminister was and you don`t. Ha ha ha ha

So after much reflection I conclude that despite evidence to the contrary .

I am still best

istanbultory said...

Maybe your Russian teacher could find a role for Bob Piper in his novel- as a son of the proletariat, a ruffian intent on world revolution, perhaps. Only joking, Coucillor...

Praguetory said...

My friend is a Tartar native and an outspoken critic of Putin - that takes guts. Here's a Putin quote he passed to me for your pleasure.

The civilizing mission of the Russian nation on the Eurasian continent should continue.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not me Mr Prague! I haven't got a clue. I shall be in Prague in March as it turns out - I trust you will be able to turn down a bedspread for me?

Praguetory said...

Most weekends PT Towers will be rented to stag dos (this blogging business isn't very lucrative). I can get you a basket.

Mike Wood said...


Praguetory said...

Cheers Mike.

Mike Wood said...

I can't believe that I finally solved a chess puzzle.

There are definitely a few ODS types who are looking forward to Blair's departure as well. It's just a shame that we're going to end up with Brown until the next election.

Praguetory said...

You a Prague man, Mike. Take it you'd be interested to learn more details later.

Will B said...

I don't think I could manage a party like atmosphere when Blair goes, we've got to then suffer Gordon Brown. (although any excuse for a party right?)

If I'm to celebrate any departure it'll be the departure of the Labour government and even then I don't think I'd be happy....

To be honest, I'll not be happy until I'm in power, but thats a LONG way off. O-:

Anonymous said...

That'll be fine Mr P! I shall bring some of the loot I have acquired from the Napoli in the last few days - as I hear there is a very lucrative market for BMW parts in Prague!

Dave A said...

How about:
R-d1+ K-e6
B-c4 mate

Praguetory said...

Black can play Pawn to d5. Bc4 is not mate. You're on the right lines though.

Dave A said...

...silly me! The complete
sequence is:

Rd1+ Ke6
Bc4+ d5
exd6+ Kd7
b8=N++ (as Mike Wood said)

(Just can't resist a puzzle,
but I can stop thinking about
it now!)

Steven_L said...

Can't white play

r-d1+, k-e6
bxc8=Q leaving black with no way of preventing r-d6++?

Praguetory said...

The pawn at c5 prevents rD6.

Steven_L said...

No it doesn't the pawn at C5 can't take on D6, it would be going backwards!!!

Praguetory said...

You're right, but don't forget the checks at Rh1 and Ra2 before you claim that you have a win.