21 January 2007

A Return To Quality Theatre

Hat Tip Thunderdragon

Police Hack 10 Downing Street

As reported in the Telegraph today, the police needed to hack into 10 Downing Street IT systems due to the lack of Labour Party co-operation with the "cash for peerages" investigation. It hardly needs to be said that this development pours petrol on the raging inferno.

Front Row Seats

Under the heading SLEAZEWATCH I've given prominence on my sidebar to links where you can keep abreast of the biggest story of the year. Google news and Blogger Search searches on Ruth Turner now exceed 500 in both cases, so Guido Fawkes and Iain Dale should be your first ports of call.

You'll find nothing at Labour Home or its mainstream media arm. When you think of the pronouncements of Jowell (who then back-pedalled) and Blunkett, you get the impression of favours being called in. But Blair's power appears to be evaporating fast.

In the comments please advise me of any further information sources and for general amusement please feel free to point at any remaining Labour holdouts

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Benedict White said...

I have been known to do the odd roundup of news and comment on the subject ;)

(some times ahead of both Iain and Guido)

I started because Guido usually takes the weekends off.