19 January 2007

Hewitt Attacks Self

It's well documented that most of the extra NHS cash doesn't lead to an improved NHS. Wat Tyler has analysed the latest figures at the blog "Burning Our Money" and reveals that no less than 87% of the extra NHS cash is being spent on cost increases. This is what happens when you simply tip money into the top of an organisation. In part it explains why, after a Labour spending splurge (that's our money by the way), nurses are facing redundancy, graduate doctors can't find a job and 80 or so hospitals are closing.

A prime example of incompetent spending is GP contracts. These were introduced in 2004 and GP pay rose 30% (!) to an average of £106,000 in the first year of implementation. But, surely we're getting more in return say the optimists. A spokesman from a Health Watchdog reports that after the introduction of the new contracts GPs no longer do evenings, no night work, weekend work - this has all got to be paid for somewhere else. Magic.

Friends of mine who are experienced GPs live in a house that is worth half a million - I don't believe a mortgage was required. They're still working. Many others are enjoying their early retirement on the backs of their bonanzas.

In an admission of incompetence coupled with an extraordinary attack on the GPs themselves, Health Minister, Patricia Hewitt regrets the deal that the government struck. What a shower. Next she'll be taking part in demonstrations against herself a la Junior Health Minister Ivan Lewis.


Elskidis said...

Another example of my money, being wasted by people who don't seem to have the ability to think things through. That needs imagination, I suppose. I don't mind paying my taxes, but I do resent see the money sqandered.

Will B said...

I would prefer she resigns, but hey! Watching a cabinet minister protest against herself would be just as, if not more, entertaining than a resignation.

Will B said...

Elskidis, perhaps we should begin some sort of 'waste awards' or rather 'imagination awards'?

One should always award imagination in government! it is so rarely seen nowdays!

Even if the imagination rewarded is the imagination to constantly create so much waste that you could create second health service with it.

I say, I have no doubt that Sir Humphrey would be proud!

Newmania said...

Yes it is amazing isn`t it P and when people are queuing up to be Doctors which is no suprise. I have some figures at home abaout how much of the NHS bidget has gone on pay rises and GP `s in particular are digracefully over rewarded. My local one parks a bright red new Ferrari outside his down at heel surgery.
That really cheers you up