23 February 2007

Problems In Slovakia

Foray Into Swear-blogging

How do these fucking idiot-brained mafiosi-style crypto-Communist egotists manage to rise to lead countries again and again?


Swear-blogging clearly isn't my thing, but thanks for the comments ;-). Last night I was passed a couple of stories from Slovakia which irked me. The headlines are mine.

Slovak PM Loses Marbles On Basket-Case Tour

PM Robert Fico surprised Slovak doctors with his offer to treat Libyan children with the HIV virus in Slovakia. Fico presented the offer during a meeting with Libyan PM Bagdadi Mahmudi, who accepted it. Slovak doctors note, however, that in Slovakia there is a lack of experience with treating HIV positive children. During his two-day trip to Libya, Fico also labeled the Bulgarian nurses who are sentenced to death in Libya as culprits. However, the democratic world rejects the whole case, considering it politicized. Even the Bulgarian ambassador to Slovakia Og-nian Garkov was surprised by Fico’s statement.

Keep Schtum About Corruption

Transparency International Slovensko (TIS) nominated lawyer Maria Mesencova for the Transparency International Integrity Awards. According to TIS, Mesencova showed civil courage when she was contacted by a colleague lawyer who offered her a bribe. She reported the case to the police and cooperated with them as an agent. However, the Slovak bar later fired her from the association.


As the tax take in Slovakia is only 27% of GDP I retain hopes for the nation, but whatever the opposite of "green shoots of recovery", that's what's emerging in Slovakia. Socialist PM Robert Fico who has seen his European partners shun him for coalescing with the racist SNS party, appears to be doing a Livingstone in using his elected office as a vehicle to visit the world's tyrants and dictators. In recent months he has celebrated Cuban independence, shunned Belarussian opposition politicians, visited Libya (see above) and China. He has plans to visit Chavez in Venezuela for economic reasons (Venezuela is a country with which Slovakia has $1.5m of trade per annum). This is a man who did not celebrate the Berlin Wall fall. How the hell is he running Slovakia?


Anonymous said...

Who the fuck knows - the scummy cunts.

Anonymous said...

You call that swear blogging you fucking amateur?

Stop being a cunt and do the fucker properly, or don't fucking do it at all. ô¿ô

Anonymous said...

How dare you swear sir ,I have never seen such disgusting comments in written text before.

Besides swearing went out when Rik Mayall grew up.

Well finish the piece off.

Yours faithfully

Anonymous said...

Use sheep's clothing to get elected then put on your wolf's clothing when your in, world domination is 3 sides not 2 imteresting.

Anonymous said...

I withdraw the above remarks, I hardly ever swear on logs, really! I will be in Prague at Hotel Angelo from the 4th March, fancy a beer one night?