23 February 2007

Slave Labour

The best documentary I have seen lately is a film called Slave Labour by Danny Dewsbury. It's a short film by and about Danny. Like many others, he's trying to break into the media industry. In August 2006, he was offered a job by the Labour Party to do some work experience in the lead up to the Labour Party National Conference... The film features John Hutton (and his special advisor John Woodcock), Hazel Blears (and her assistant Emmet Regan), Hillary Armstrong, Allan Johnson, Tessa Jowell and ends with a John Prescott cameo.

Danny is a talented director and won an award for best documentary at the 2006 National Student Film Festival. This year, Danny's Slave Labour film will be showing next week at the same festival at University of West England in Bristol. His film is also showing in Oxford/Milton Keynes on 19th March at the Oxdox festival. The film is definitely good enough for a bigger audience and I hope that Danny achieves that. I won't spoil the story, suffice to say that it is an incredibly powerful critique of New Labour.

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