21 February 2007

I'm Pro-American

As I manage to put more and more distance between myself and the BBC, I feel like I am becoming more objective about the US. Well done to 18 Doughty Street for this pro-American video. In particular, I'd like to take up the theme of security. Not only is the amount spent on defence throughout the EU behind the Americans, but the efficiency of the spending (measured by military capability) is also derisory by comparison. It is the American security blanket that has meant that Europe has been able to enjoy the luxury of being so militarily lax. Without the US, Eastern Europe wouldn't have achieved or maintained freedom from Russia. Discuss.


Anonymous said...

I am pro American and anti EU ,but I can't for life of me why 18d needs an US ad about it.

The Ad I want to see from them, is nothing to do with right or left ,but get people out to vote ,vote for anbody but vote.

Praguetory said...

In fairness to 18DS, I think they like to tackle topics that don't usually get discussed. Why would an ad getting people to vote be meaningful when our democracy is so deficient in so many ways?

Anonymous said...

I think getting people out to vote would be better than was it 35% of the people voting , if the rest did as I did stayed at home as a protest, instead the politician's called us trash, lazy and only wanted to watch tv, if they used there tiny little minds or got there brains trust to figure out what was wrong ,the chance's are we might have had more pressure from us trash and maybe just maybe we would not have been in this hellhole that nuLab has us in ,I am an old Con voter , I dont have any hope for Cameron but I will be voting this time.

Democracy may be deficient but it's all we have and it,s up all of us to get some common sense back , I include lower class ,middle class and upper class in this, all I see on these blogs ,sorry to say is a lot of educated people with there heads up the arse's spouting lot's of long word's ,where shorter one would ,it just sounds like morse to me,word's are great but action is better.

Lobster Blogster said...

I'm Pro-American

You might as well say you shat your pants, nancy boy.

There are some real far right-gangs in your area, I know some who work out of Ljubliana and Sofia/Varna way. We are going to track you down (and your evil blog and hack you to pieces with our pocket knives. Got it?

Guthrum said...

Well thank you Lobster for your contibution to rational debate- already made my views on this on Dizzy's site.

Anonymous said...

Lobster Blogster
Mr Hirst I understand believe in human right's, why are you trying to take away ours.