22 February 2007

Orderly Transition?

Despite my disinterest, maybe Labour and Brown's poor polling is having an effect. Michael Meacher has announced today that he is going to "challenge" Gordon Brown for the leadership. Also on the loony left, John O'Donnell has already set out his platform for the leadership. I would like to see a candidate from the left challenge Brown, if only as a reminder to the public of what real Labour is all about. However, Meacher entering the race is the political equivalent of brothers rolling around on the floor fighting (pictured). It's almost beyond parody. I will update this post should Meacher provide some amusing soundbites at his midday press conference. For more detail and to watch the drama unfold, I recommend Kerron's place.


Anonymous said...

Why are Labour and the Conservative's bringing out these legacy politician's they have had there time and have failed Aka Mr Norris ,why aren't they using younger politician's who have no past but have modern ideas.

Newmania said...

Splendidly combatitive stuff P . I`ve just had a good look through and you never let me down.

Its like looking into one of those films where the sword fighting is such fun the participants have time to shout gleefully to the bystanders.

I don`t have the time for this sort of thing and only do one or two serious bits a week. You are up to the second.

Quality. I think it has to be Brown don`t you.

The Hitch said...

Meacher is excellent value, horny handed son of toil , owner of 5 houses (last time I counted)and 911 conspiracy theorist, he gets my vote

anon said...

Why do we always have to talk about the "loony left"? The main policy point he's emphasising is that he didn't vote for Iraq. Is Sir Macolm Rifkind a member of the Loony Left?

The policies listed as the main ones he's campaigning for are these:

The withdrawal of British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.
The end to privatisation of public services.
A Real Living Minimum Wage of at least £7 an hour.
A green energy policy based on renewable power source.s
An increase in the Basic State Pension from £84.25 to £114 a week.
Defence of comprehensive education and the abolition of student tuition fees.
The restoration of trade union rights and civil liberties.

Well, I hardly think a £7 minimum wage is a good idea; but for the most part, those aren't crazy loony left policies (any sign or renationalisation of industry?) - they're just typical left wing (ie Labour party) policies.

The ubiquitous phrase just gets on my nerves.

Of course, thanks to the Sun etc, McDonnell would do for Labour's election chances what Lord Tebbit would do for the Tories if he were to replace Cameron in a sudden coup. All the more reason to be nice to him.

Praguetory said...

Sorry about using the term loony left - I've been spending too much time looking at Labour Home - I think a £7 an hour minimum wage and renewable energy policies are nuts though.

anon said...

Sorry from myself if my post sounded particularly aggressive - I just keep running into the phrase at the moment, and having followed McDonnell's campaign site a bit I just don't think it's fair to tar all those people as loonies.

As for renewable energy...well, I mean, renewable energy is all well and good. I've seen one of the hydroelectric places in Scotland, and they certainly have advantages, such as low maintenance cost once built. If we have wind and water and can use it without making the landscape look very ugly indeed, we may as well do so - not doing so would be like ignoring oil deposits under our soil. But it's nowhere near big enough an industry to be the "base" of UK energy policy.

I mean, of the other policies all I really support are "end to privatisation" and some civil liberties bits and pieces (eg campaigning near parliament). On privatisation - honestly, they're privatising the coastguard, the probation service, army training - what happened to duty of care?

james higham said...

Sorry about using the term loony left ...


Praguetory said...

Only because it is a cliche.

Andrea said...

"Meacher entering the race is the political equivalent of brothers rolling around on the floor fighting (pictured). It's almost beyond parody. I will update this post should Meacher provide some amusing soundbites at his midday press conference"

The "best" part of the campaign launch was that it was chaired by Ian Gibson MP. So I assumed Gibbo was supporting Meacher...well, apparently I was wrong as Gibson told journalists that he doesn't know if he'll vote for Meacher. And that he also thinks that meacher has too many homes and people won't like it.
I've never seen a campaign launch chaired by someone so ready to rubbish the poor candidate!

Praguetory said...

Cheers Andrea - that's priceless.

anon said...

It's accurate in that the policies are, broadly speaking, silly.

If "laughable left" was written (bad example), it's an opinion. "loony left" is lazy. I'd be pissed off if I was a socialist and always called "loony left". I would deserve the grace of someone having considered my views carefully and *then* decided not to follow them.


In part I object to such terminology on the personal grounds that I don't like being called a headbanger for liking grammar schools and moaning about absence of Tory support for NI's grammar schools. Though in fairness, referring to certain right wing elements as "headbanging makes sense", in the same way that "loony left" is ok for the kind of person represented by The Alternative Voice in the Eye.


As for Ian Gibson, poor Meacher. I have no idea what he's doing though. He'd be a dreadful leader. Why is anyone supporting him? Pity and friendship, or just for a laugh?

Alan Simpson supports him though. McDonnell people are not happy at this, as Simpson follows a course of a)helping to split the left vote, and then b), deciding to retire from parliament anyway.