01 February 2007

Success Breeds Success

I've reneged quickly on my attempt to avoid blogging about blogging, but I did say I would comment on the poll results.

Site Stats

Above is a chart of this site's stats. The number of hits has increased steadily by 50% a month since this blog started. Maintain that rate of growth and I'll be getting more than a million hits a month by the end of 2007! As I've said before, blogging is a means to an end, one of several interests of mine and I have no ambition to be a uber-blogger. Nevertheless, I fully expect to hit new peaks in the coming months and I will be especially active around the time of the May elections.

These stats dovetail quite nicely with the site poll (which I'll keep running for a while) that shows that about half of the visitors to this site only started looking at political blogs in the course of the last year. I think that a large part of the growth in this site's popularity is linked to the increasing popularity of the medium as a whole.

Referrers - Dale style

Each month Iain Dale lists those websites referring over 100 visits. Here's my somewhat shorter list for January

1. Guido 2. Iain Dale 3. Croydonian 4. DizzyThinks 5. Biased BBC 6. Laban Tall

Interestingly all the above are rightwing bloggers, although Labour-supporting Mars Hill was 7th with 91 visits. How's it going with your webstats? Is there a general rise happening?

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