01 February 2007

Is Nick Robinson A Simpleton?

Gongs & Confetti

Allegations that Lord Levy offered Labour donors Peerages and Knighthoods in return for their generosity are not exactly under wraps. It's well documented that Levy has applied the screws to wealthy businessmen (such as his rude approach to Charles Dunstone). Almost every Labour donor has been thrown a gong - Loudmouth David Puttnam got his after £25,000 in Labour donations, Ruth Rendell after £15,000, Melvyn Bragg £32,500, Lord Waheed Alli - free films (I must tell Danny)... I could go on.

Tony Blair

Blair said in December that the peerages awarded were "party peerages" (as few of the donors actually did any party work it would appear he has no defence against the cash for honours charge) and now there's talk of incriminating handwritten notes from Tone. Hardly the actions of innocent parties, 10 Downing Street have utterly failed to co-operate with the police during this investigation. Blair and his head of government relations have been interviewed twice, his chief fundraiser arrested twice, latterly on the more serious charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice - and that's before we start on Ruth Turner.

Banana Republic

As Ross Cowling astutely observes, the UK resembles a banana republic. Where are the men in grey suits?

Nick Robinson - Sleuth Or Simpleton

Meanwhile, the BBC's chief political correspondent, Nick Robinson (pictured - who has yet to accept a comment from me on his blog and is knocking out articles on Peter Lilley (!)) is trying to put the pieces of the jigsaw together. As Donal Blaney would say, GET A GRIP.


CityUnslicker said...

Nick is a good guy, hidebound by his job and position. If he lays into Blair and labour who is he going to interview for the next few years when GB is prime Minister?

Also, he remembers the fate of Gilligan. Does the man want to lay down his career etc etc....

Anonymous said...

I agree - its astonishing, I had always assumed that Nick Robinson was a Government spokesman - isn't her?

james higham said...

You know I'm no Blairite and yet - what's he done that a thousand others haven't? In the cash for peerages line, I mean. In the broader community, he's decimated Britain of course.

Praguetory said...

It's the soft pedalling of the meeja that I object to. Whether he gets done is a legal question. The fact that Labour donors are three times more likely than Tory donors to get gongs is a matter of public interest that has been spun away. Of course, I think there are lots of other reasons why he is unfit to run the country.